Who We Are

Wellington Financial and Trust Inc. is sponsored by professionals with over a combined history of 80 years of investing, taxes, and forex specialist.  The algorithms being used are comprised of the best available in the manually and robotic run options.  While there are literally thousands of forex strategies on the market, the ones here are the very best.  Obviously, the markets fluctuate and there are times when geopolitics and market driven events occur causing the results to swing, but the overall results are what matters.


How does it work?

Investing in the forex requires a certain level of competence in several areas:

1.  Understanding the basics of investing and the emotions associated with it.

2.   The access to financial institutions and brokers that will work with US citizens in all income brackets.

3.  Selection of algorithms to utilize in your investing.

4.  Accessing the technical resources to activate your investing, (VPS/copier services, etc.).

5.  The link to see graphically what your results are to make educated decisions.

All of these considerations have a cost associated with them.  We have selected the EASIEST and most ECONOMICAL means to participate in the forex market with the best of SECURITY measures to ensure your funds are not misappropriated or have hidden agenda cost.

Your 3 year license fee of $3,000 gives you access to our exclusive forex algorithm.  When you register you will be given assistance in setting up your account with required VPS/Copier and brokerage services.  (The VPS/Copier service and any brokerage fees are NOT included in the licensing fee with Wellington Financial Group Inc.)

What funds can I invest?

One of the great opportunities of investing in the forex market is access to much higher leveraged returns; more than any other option available.  You can contribute to your investments using:

1.  Ordinary cash.  The gains from this type of investing is subject to annual taxes.

2.  Self Directed Retirement Accounts.  These kinds of retirement entities are self regulated, meaning you can invest in a:




       HSA (Health Savings Account)

       SEP and SIMPLE for your business

      Charitable Remainder UniTrust, (CRUT)

To access these type of self directed retirement accounts, you will need a hosting services.  Our favorite is Mountain West Ira; https://mountainwestira.com/,

but there are many others out there that can provide these services too.

(NOTE, separate licenses will be needed to do multiple investment options.)


 Wellington Financial Group Inc, its owners, employees, and representatives, are not investment advisors, and are held harmless by investing results from registered investors. The provided forex algorithm has no guarantee either implied or issued of results.  Any reports, either live or simulated, cannot be considered absolutely correct as consideration of market, individual preferences or actions, can affect the baseline for comparisons. All reports are intended for gross comparisons.  Any investment funds are at full risk of being lost.  Your monitoring and contributing or withdrawing funds is an individual process.  Wellington Financial and Trust Inc. does not manage individual funds and is therefore held harmless from any results pertaining to the individual investor.