Create a TURNKEY business with your extra license(s)

As it was presented on the website, here is YOUR opportunity to have a minimal risk with potential great return business opportunity.  By registering your license to rent you are providing the means for other investors to get started in the forex world of investing and giving yourself an additional income stream.

When an applicant is accepted, we will notify you of the rental and take care of everything else.  The new renter pays for the personal assistance with the setup so your license can begin making money as quickly as possible.

The terms of this agreement allow you the option to extend or terminate an agreement at any time.

The 25% gross gains are collected each quarter, with 5% being retained by Wellington Financial Group for management services.  The other 20% will be mailed to you as a check.

Each action taken will be posted in your personal portal so you can track the activity of your rental income.

To start your new TURNKEY business, please click the link below: 

Register Here