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The key to deciding on an investment strategy is viewing the historical record of  its past performance.  Here is the recent result of our primary algorithm.  This graphic presentation started on March 26, 2019 and is supported by 4 other algorithms that have been running for a minimum of 2 years each.

In the display below the key items to look at are:

1.  Gain (From the date started)

2.  Drawdown (Amount of risk exposure)

3.  Daily (The average daily gain)

4.  Monthly (The accumulated monthly average is)

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  Wellington Financial Group Inc, its owners, employees, and representatives, are not investment advisors, and are held harmless by investing results from registered investors. The provided forex algorithm has no guarantee either implied or issued of results.  Any reports, either live or simulated, cannot be considered absolutely correct as consideration of market, individual preferences or actions, can affect the baseline for comparisons. All reports are intended for gross comparisons.  Any investment funds are at full risk of being lost.  Your monitoring and contributing or withdrawing funds is an individual process.  Wellington Financial and Trust Inc. does not manage individual funds and is therefore held harmless from any results pertaining to the individual investor.