Renting a license

When the cost of an item or service seems too high, the option to rent is a viable choice.  In the case of Wellington Financial Group Inc license, this is a GREAT opportunity for those with smaller amounts to invest or just want to test the waters.

The licenses being offered to rent come from other license holders looking to create additional sources of income with minimal risk.  

Here is how it works:

Once you complete the application and pay the one time fee of $100 for personalized support, you will be guided through the entire setup process and your investment funds will be initiated in the forex market within a few days.

The RENTAL option requires a minimum of $1,000 to start.  (If you want to invest over $10K you would be further ahead to purchase your own license.)

A 25% of the GROSS gains on your account will be calculated and withdrawn or paid by you each quarter.  

You have the ability to add or withdraw your funds at any time, BUT . . .  you will want to leave your investment alone as much as possible.  This will assist you in gaining the most for your investment and retain your license holder.  If you withdraw too frequently or too much, the holder has the option to terminate the agreement.

To get started click the link below:

Register here