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WELCOME to Wellington Financial Group Inc. and the exciting opportunity to participate in our exclusive forex investment algorithm.  This particular and profitable option requires very little on your part in education or understanding of how the forex works, but can be EASILY understood how it can financially benefit you and your family.

Your participation is simple and has carefully crafted instructions in the form of emails and live support.  Here are the steps:

1.  Complete the application linked below.

2.  Pay your 3 year license fee of $3,000 by credit/debit card.

3.  Once you have completed those steps you will receive an email with a link and password to your personal portal where all your documents are safely stored for easy viewing.

4.  You will then get another email for the next step.  Using the link provided to set up your new account with the forex broker, Osprey.  To complete that application you will need proof of citizenship and residency.  

Proof of citizenship requires either a copy of your driver's license or passport.

Proof of residency can be any document indicating your residence, like a utility bill.

You will need these documents for the next step as well.

5.  Once you have set up your account with the broker, you will need to create an account for the hosting of your program with an online service, 4xsolutions.  The link to set up your account will be sent to you for your convenience.  This account will be billed directly to you each month from your credit/debit card as part of their security and compliance program.  The approximate fee is around $28.00 per month.

6.  Once you have your broker and hosting services setup, you will be contacted by our representative to set up your MYFXBOOK account for easy viewing and evaluation of the daily activities.

Each of these steps has support so don't be concerned it will be difficult.  It really isn't.  After your investment is up and running you can:

1.  Invest either cash or use a self directed retirement account.  These accounts could be:








For more information regarding these options, we recommend MountainWest IRA.  


Phone: 208-377-3311

2.  Add or withdraw from your account whenever you want.

3.  Change the risk level up or down whenever you desire.

4.  Open multiple accounts, (requires additional licenses), and approach the market from several different risk levels for broader opportunities.

To take the first step to your new investment option, please click the button below and complete the enrollment page.